JESUS Wants To Open EYES And Unlock MINDS!

HE Wants To SAVE Humanity From The Errors & OPPRESSIONS Of THE WOLF In Sheep's Clothing!

Many, As In This Image, Have Closed Eyes And A LOCKED Mind!

God Did Not Send These Miraculous Images (Plus Many More) In 2019 Without Reason.

Too Many People Are Unknowingly Locked Up In The LIES And OPPRESSIONS Of The Wolf.

JESUS HAS THE KEYS And Came To Set The Captives FREE And To Give Sight To The Blind (Luke 4:18)!

   Jesus spoke of this non realized blindness saying, “…thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and KNOWEST NOT that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and BLIND, and naked:" (Rev 3:17).  Many religious people adamantly have their eyes closed and minds locked, and in that blindness nevertheless have big open mouths to teach, and  to sing and praise, but largely within a man made religion.  Jesus speaking of such said,  "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (Mat 15:8-9).

God in 2019 provided 


pointing directly at two of our world's most misunderstood religious subjects!


Up To 50 Astonishing God Sent Images!


May Jesus Save Us From The 

Evils Shown Herein!

Images In The Valentines Tree. God is Exposing the Serpent His Lies & Oppressions!

 Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Animations Accenting Some Of The Images Found In The Valentine's Tree.

   Figure "A" uniquely portrays the serpent tempting the man as in Eden. In figure "B" notice the pig with his eye on the woman's rear. At the top of "B" also note the WOLF between the man and woman. The woman is looking straight to the left. In figure "C" the man on the beast has a P on his lips which could point to Pope, Pastors, Preacher, Prophets, And People riding the beast.. In figure D note the Eagle's beak in the wolf's mouth (USA and more?). 

What Really Matters Before God And Man Is Kindness, Mercy,  Truth And

Unspotted Honesty and Humility As Is Open Hearted And Willing To Admit Errors! 


May Jesus Save Us From The Devil’s Faulty And Cruel Morality

   Although issues given in the following paragraphs are not intended to promote polygamy, nevertheless twisted branches and concepts sprouting from the DOCTRINES OF DEVILS THAT DISALLOWED MARRIAGE have had implications far beyond what most realize, and certainly have confused issues all about marriage, divorce and second marriages, and polygamy.  Likely all Christians greatly honor King David as a great man of God, yes the man after God’s own heart. But today since multiple wives as had David is almost demonized, if any man lived like David, many now would count him as the worst of men. Therewith many may now have more tolerance for the man who would cruelly divorce a good wife before taking another, than for the man who would dare to marry a second wife which would kindly help take care of another wife that was bedfast and possibly brain dead. Yes reckon and judge as such although the BLESSED AND REAL INTEND OF GOD’S LAWS is to prevent cruelty, and God hates divorce and certainly approves of love and marriage. God actually declared to David He gave him his numerous wives (2 Sam 12:8).   A related document is give here

   Even further, devils that disallowed marriage did not stop at such, but also cruelly crushed the beauty of woman. Therewith much of Christianity somehow believes Apostle Paul advocated some kind of HEAD VEILING as crudely crushes woman’s glorious long hair and special beauty (although many do dismiss the teaching as merely a cultural issue). Nevertheless a close and rebooted look at Paul’s teaching, and especially focusing on the original Greek has instigated quite another grasp of Paul’s teaching on feminine attire. Paul’s concern about appropriately COVERING the head, simply and certainly could pertain to proper HAIR covering, as hair is unavoidable, can be dealt with in so many ways, and is largely the most noticeable and vital covering anyone’s head can possess. Paul speaking of the covering of men’s heads, declared long hair a shame to males, but spoke the very opposite of long hair with regards to women.  And yes Paul in using the word covering and speaking of needed covering very much focused on hair issues. A careful and new look at Paul’s covering teaching reveals Paul actually was passionately encouraging both glorious longer hair on women as well as liberty from oppressive heathen veiling, and thus in reality encouraging the GLORY OF WOMEN, whom he here forthrightly declared was both made for man and THE GLORY OF MAN. Yes Paul not only spoke of woman being made for man and the glory of man but therewith further said for this cause women should have LIBERTY ABOUT HER HEAD because of or with the angels. Can anyone imagine the angels in glory going about with their beautiful hair largely cut off, or heads distastefully veiled? Paul even further concluded his teaching saying, “But if a woman have LONG HAIR it is a GLORY to her and given INSTEAD OF A VEIL (original Greek). Yes Paul declared it bitterly shameful for women to lack the VITAL COVERING HE WAS CONCERNED ABOUT, and declared lacking it far too similar to being MISERABLY SHORN, and ironically many Christian women imagining they are following Paul’s intent, cover their heads in a manner as makes them largely look no different than if they were shorn. God certainly cares about these issues, and about how wolf got things completely turned around, and therewith has recently confirmed these issues and concerns, with a multitude of miracles.   

   Regarding the glory of women, when King David was old and on his death bed the Jews sought for the most beautiful young woman in the land to come and lie in his bosom and to be as another of his wives to revive him. But today if elderly King David were alive and would merely observe and appreciate the beauty of young women at their best as without spot or wrinkle, yes an unhindered show of beauty as is honorably described in our Bibles, (which beauty can instigate greater honor for all roses including faded roses), he might be despised and rejected. Famous queen Esther replaced a disobedient queen which was rejected as a very bad example, because she refused to come forth to show her beauty to the king’s guests. But today religious people rather might honor the very queen that Esther replaced, yes honor her for her refusal to come forth. God by this Valentine’s tree and many related miracles has clearly spoken out on these issues, and many others as well.

   Many conservative prophets and teachers in our day wish to turn away God’s wrath from our world, but are sadly misdirected on these and many other issues, and could certainly fit into the following dreadful dilemma. "Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee: and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment." (Lamentations 2:14). What matters is honesty, kindness, humility, and truth, but too many being misled by the doctrines of devils, and commandments of men, have focused on vain and foolish things and promoted false burdens and turned many against God and all religion.  How sad!  Many well meaning teachers rather than exposing the devil's faulty and cruel morality have furthered it.  The website, speaks of humanity's blind oppression of beauty and romance, and exposes both ancient and recent ignorance on these issues as should make anyone who truly cares about humanity weep.  .

Most Vital Issues To Ponder!

An Eye Opening Video Regarding Feminine Glory Or Veiling!

Although God Honors Feminine Beauty And Romance, God's Good

And Healthy Liberties Don't Sanction Perversions And Uncleaness As Shown Below.


This Wolf Denies That Christ Came In The Flesh And Encountered Our Very Humanity.

   The Christmas tree wolf denies Christ’s genuine humanity through  various faulty “immaculate conception” teachings. This wolf claims Jesus (although the very and powerful Son of God from heaven), would have had no solution or way of overcoming our very flesh and humanity had He encountered it in Himself, and in reality counts Jesus sinless because of not encountering rather than because of overcoming. Nevertheless the Bible vividly speaks of Jesus being made like to us in all points, and therewith fully overcoming  and without sin. If Jesus could not have taken upon Himself our very humanity because of having no solution for it, how would He have had a solution for us at all?  Christ by taking upon Himself our very humanity therewith was tempted as us, encountered opportunity to feel for us, and opportunity to overcome all things and truly become the first fruit of the resurrection as the Scriptures declare.  Those who deny Christ’s real humanity cannot realize the fullness of Christ’s resurrection, or the great proof God intends thereby for all humanity.  Nevertheless much of Christianity in some way denies Christ's real humanity, and although the Bible repeatedly speaks of Christ being of the seed of mankind ACCORDING TO THE FLESH, and declares denying Jesus came in the flesh as the spirit of the anti-christ. 

   It is sad that most all religions will make excuses for and seek to confuse and minimize their often wolf related errors rather than acknowledge and fully turn from them.  Interestingly and even further it appears the Christmas Wolf and Valentines Wolf are quite related.   The Valentines wolf in its rejection of marriage, beauty, and romance and its faulty idea of purity,  likely encouraged the Christmas tree wolf in its faulty thrust of some imagined immaculate conception and a supposed purity therewith. The Valentines-Beauty subject and Christ’s real humanity from Mary subject, have been two of my life’s greatest concerns and which subjects both brought many tears as lost truths about them first dawned upon me. Interestingly God now has provided these miraculous images showing as it were a wolf within both subjects!   

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The WOLF Has Twisted And Confused Many Other Subjects As Well!

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A Poem I Wrote For The Church Where The Tree Fell. 

Five years before the tree fell (2014).

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